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Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week

September 13-19, 2020, is Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week! It’s a time to celebrate and acknowledge Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who assist, support, and care for individuals who require help in their daily lives.  A proclamation was issued by Governor Wolf to recognize and appreciate the dedication and contributions DSPs make in the lives of the elderly, […]

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Practical Tips to Reduce the Effects of Stress

  Have you been feeling stressed because of the disruption in routine, schedule, and environment that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused? Stress can be harmful to your health, but there are ways to manage it. Here are some practical tips to reduce the effects of stress:   Be aware. Recognize the signs of stress on […]

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Prepare Before An Emergency Occurs

As the caregiver of an adult with intellectual or developmental disabilities, you may face extra obstacles that make reacting to emergencies a challenge. It’s crucial to plan for your regular needs and know what you would do if they become limited or unavailable.  You can maximize your peace of mind if you have a plan […]

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Casmir Caregiver Shines During COVID-19 Pandemic (Part 2)

  “The thing I worried about most was when the individuals would have to visit their families,” she said.  Once Philadelphia started opening up, the individuals could visit their families for brief periods. Daisy considered this a challenge because she was concerned that they would not adhere to the cleaning routines that she had incorporated […]

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Casmir Caregiver Shines During COVID-19 Pandemic (Part 1)

  For over nine years, Daisy Williams has been a valued Casmir Care Services caregiver.  Although she has had several challenges as a caregiver throughout the years, the COVID-19 pandemic presented a few more. But Daisy passed with flying colors. Daisy is a Direct Support Professional at Casmir Care.  She tends to the intellectually disabled […]

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A New Way of Seeing a Family Member with IDD

When parents or families helped a family member with IDD connect to larger social networks beyond the family, some were surprised to discover that others were open to being asked for support. When one son wanted to know his father’s friends, the dad asked his friends and was surprised by the positive responses. One friend […]

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Steps You Can Take to Avoid Catching the New Coronavirus

You may have heard that a new virus is spreading around the world. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (aka COVID-19) has infected more than 105,000 people around the world. Most (80,000+) are in China, where the disease first turned up. More than 3,500 people globally have died of the virus. As of Monday, March 9, 545 people […]

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Heartfelt Greetings for Someone Special

  Many people tend to think that Valentine’s Day is relevant only for the red rose and candlelit dinner crowd. But it’s not just about cupids, flowers, and chocolates. This holiday isn’t just for people in romantic relationships.  Valentine’s Day can be far more inclusive than that. And it can still be quite meaningful even […]

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Improving Care Services for ID/D is Her Mission

  Faith guides Chetachi Dunkley’s approach to advocacy As we pause to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, his message of inclusion, equality, and love for all reminds me of many of the ideas that led to the creation of Casmir Care Services, which aims to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities […]

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Fun Things To Do During the Holiday Season

  Although the weather outside may be frightful, there are plenty of reasons not to stay hunkered down inside this December and beyond. A lot of hot spots in Philly become hubs of activity in the winter. You’ll find lots of places to stroll, gawk at the sights, be inspired, and take pictures. And most […]

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Working for Casmir Care Services as a Family Caregiver

  Most people who work as family caregivers work for free. It’s a way to ensure a loved one gets attentive and sympathetic care. And you don’t have to worry about whether your family member will get along with and be safe in the care of a stranger. But it comes at a price. Time […]

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Emergencies Happen, Be Ready to Respond

  Emergencies can strike at any moment. And if a disaster occurs, whether it’s a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or power outage, you can maximize your peace of mind if you plan ahead. That way, you won’t have to figure out what to do on the fly, when conditions are at their most chaotic.  Emergency […]

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Director of Programs

The Director of Programs at Casmir Care Services will develop, implement and monitor procedures to meet agency policies and contract management including the preparation of comprehensive reports for funding sources. This professional shall embrace and embody the mission, vision, guiding principles and the organizational goals of Casmir Care Services. The programs that will come under […]

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For Adults with IDD and Dementia, Maintain a Regular Daily Routine

[This is Part 3 of a three-part series that explores dementia in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Part 1 focuses on how to recognize signs of dementia. Part 2 focuses on communication tips for caregivers who work with adults living with IDD and dementia. This part focuses on how to deal with behavioral symptoms […]

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Communication Tips for Caregivers Who Work with Adults Living with IDD and Dementia

  [This is Part 2 of a three-part series that explores dementia in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Part 1 focuses on how to recognize signs of dementia. Part 3 will explore how caregivers can respond to behavioral symptoms.] When an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities develops dementia, it’s important to reinforce the […]

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How to Recognize the Signs of Dementia

[This is part of a three-part series that explores dementia in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Part 1 focuses on how to recognize signs of dementia. Part 2 focuses on caregiving tips for dealing with adults with ID who have dementia.] The population of older adults with intellectual disabilities is growing. And so is […]

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Employment Open House

Casmir Care Services Employment Open House Direct Care Professionals and Caregivers  for Individuals with Disabilities   What:        An opportunity to learn about Casmir Care Services and the individuals we serve. Dates and Times:      September 6 and September 13 @ 11 am,  September 17 @ 1pm  Where:     4950 Parkside Ave., Philadelphia, PA […]

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Philly Area Resources to Help Adults with IDD Find a Job and Succeed at Work  

  A job can be a great way to make meaningful community connections and build one’s independence. Nothing reinforces one’s sense of self-worth and pride like a regular paycheck. A job can also give a person new skills, a place to make new friends, and interact with a mix of different people. While it can […]

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Five Exercises to Help Adults with IDD Take Control of Their Life

Many people may not realize how important exercise can be to living a fuller, better life. But exercise offers many benefits to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). It can help them rev up their energy. It can build stamina. Getting moving can help people feel more alert and could even make them happier.  […]

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Tips to Make Travelling with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities Easier

If travel is stressful for most of us, it can be even more traumatic for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). Often travel involves dealing with new things—something that can be nerve-wracking for people who tend to avoid deviations from their routine. And it virtually always involves more sensory stimulation than an individual might […]

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Learning New Skills with the Help of a Little Horse Power

Did you know that a horse could help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities achieve cognitive, physical, social, educational, and behavioral goals? As it turns out, horseback riding and even just interacting with a horse can be a form of physical and mental therapy. PATH International, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, defines “therapeutic […]

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Purpose and Paycheck for an Individual at Casmir

Part of our mission here at Casmir Care Services involves helping improve the quality of life for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Where possible, we help individuals we care for enter the mainstream and contribute to the community in different ways. One of the more independent individuals in our care at Casmir Community Residential […]

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Around Town: Fun Things to Do in Philly

  For a change of pace, here are a few Philly-based recreation options that caregivers of intellectually disabled individuals should keep in mind. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation’s Carousel House is dedicated to people with disabilities. Its year-round programming includes: Trips Dances Bingo parties Nature walks Arts & crafts Carousel House, located at Belmont Avenue and […]

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How to Free Yourself to be a Better Caregiver

Besides the ability to creatively solve problems and defuse tension before it escalates, caregivers who work with individuals with intellectual disabilities need a certain amount of resilience to get through their work day. Because individuals with intellectual disabilities may not have strong reasoning or social skills, they may not know how to filter out some […]

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Creative Problem-Solving is a Daily Challenge for Caregivers

A caregiver’s job at Casmir Care Services involves creative problem-solving. Being responsible for individuals with intellectual disabilities often may involve being attentive to certain behaviors or defusing situations before they escalate. One individual in the residential community likes collecting bags. Not just any plastic store bag, but the complimentary bags that are fancier than normal. […]

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Caregiving for Adults with Intellectual or Behavior Issues: How to Diffuse Tension

Working with people who have intellectual disabilities or behavioral issues can be challenging, Daisy Williams takes steps to minimize stressors in the lives of those she cares for. She has been a direct care professional who provides care for individuals who live in Casmir Care’s Community Residential homes for eight years and counting. Her work […]

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Special Olympics Gives Millions of People with Intellectual Disabilities a Way to Stand Out

You might have noticed last week that the Special Olympics was at the center of a brouhaha after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos confirmed there were plans to cut its $17.6 million in government funding. The public outcry was so fierce that President Trump quickly reversed his education secretary’s decision and authorized the funding. Maybe he […]

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What Qualities Does Casmir Care Services Seek in Its Best Applicants?

  To help applicants get a better idea of what Casmir Care Services Inc. looks for when evaluating job applicants, we asked Chinyere Dunkley, our assistant director of Human Resources, to share what qualities and abilities we look for. Q: What basic skills, qualities, and abilities do you look for in every strong caregiver applicant? […]

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Best Buddies Programs Help People with Intellectual Disabilities Make New Friends

To celebrate National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month this March, let’s take a look at the nonprofit, Best Buddies International. It is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Some of its programs empower people with IDD by helping them […]

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How to Prevent Autistic Individuals from Wandering

It’s every caregiver’s nightmare: Someone goes wandering off. Then a search is mounted. For caregivers of autistic kids and adults, their tendency to wander can be worrisome. Nearly one-third of reported Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) missing person cases related to wandering/elopement from 2011 to 2016 in the United States ended in death or required medical […]

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How to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

  In the depths of winter, more people say they feel tired or depressed. For some, it’s a normal response to less sunlight. Just the winter blues. For others, it can be a deeper, clinical form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that’s a regular pattern of mood changes that leaves people feeling gloomy […]

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Direct Support Professional at Casmir Care Services

Safety: Security, Environment, Health Maintain a safe and clean environment that meets the physical, emotional, and personal needs of the Individual(s).  Knowledge of crisis interventions, mental health diagnosis, and therapeutic relationships processes. *Administers medication in accordance with medical provider directions and Casmir Cares Services /State of Pennsylvania policies (Medication Certified Residential Program only) Assist with […]

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Residential Site Supervisor at Casmir Care Services

Site Supervisor-Residential Program Direct supervision of Direct Support Professionals working with Adults with Intellectual Disability/Autism in a Chapter 6400 regulated Home. Supervision includes staff schedules, disciplines, Individuals appointments, Community activities as well as the overall well-being, health and safety of the Individuals (Adults with Intellectual Disability/Autism) living in the home.  Must have a working knowledge […]

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A More Inclusive Hiring Process Welcomes Neurodiverse Workers

Companies are beginning to actively recruit neurodiverse people, according to Here & Now. “There’s just a lot of talent out there,” said Neil Barnett, director of Inclusive Hiring and Accessibility at Microsoft. “More and more companies are seeing that.” As we pause to honor civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., let’s take a look […]

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All in the Family: Casmir Staffer Cares for Cousin and Brother

For Philadelphia resident Sharon Smith, working for Casmir Care Services is a family affair. As a social service aide, she cares for her first cousin, Gerard, 44, and her brother, Eddie, who is 58. Casmir Care Services provides professional in-home and community care that helps enrich the lives of people with disabilities, individuals recovering from […]

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