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Our History

Casmir Care Services Inc. is a privately owned, Medicaid-approved agency. We have been making a difference in the lives of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities since 2008. The Individuals we support and their families are an extension of our family and we treat them with utmost respect and dignity.Yes,we are completely immersed in the Person First Philosophy!

A repertoire of experiences and knowledge of the Intellectual Disability system, including being a Supports Coordinator for several years resulted in a vision for Casmir Care Services, by the founder; Chetachi Dunkley. Her pronounced virtue of Compassion for others along with her tenacity, inspiration, relentless efforts and service goal to provide capable, compassionate and highly personalized services laid the framework for the successful start and sustainability of the company.

A highly skilled and professional administrative team has since been in place with diverse educational and professional background in Human Services, Social Work, Operations and Disabilities.





Our Vision

A leading agency providing quality, effective, person-centered, flexible and innovative services in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.