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Casmir Care Services shares resources about helping to raise awareness on autism and keeping loved ones safe.

Casmir Care services assists Adults who have disabilities. The company is committed to enriching lives of people with autism, disabilities, individuals recovering from illness or injury, and mentally challenged, as well as adults with special needs.

In addition, Casmir Care Services is making significant efforts in educating the community on ways to keep wanderers safe, quickly locate them and speedily return them to their families. The CEO of the company, Chetachi Dunkley Ecton shared some useful resources and ideas to help make communications effort a success.

  • Handouts/Pamphlets –Pamphlets and handouts are imperative for disseminating information at events
  • Civic Leagues, Neighborhood Watches, and Community Support Groups– This is a wonderful place to seek volunteers. Learn about your local Neighborhood Watch program and attend a meeting or two. Involved citizens know what is going on in their communities.
  • Utilize Volunteers – There is nothing that says you must do this alone. Recruit volunteers to help with fundraising and outreach efforts, as well as advocacy efforts in your community.
  • Police and Fire
  • Senior Centers
  • Special Needs Centers– find out what special needs centers you may have in your area
  • Crime Prevention/Community Relations – Law enforcement personnel (sworn/civilian) are another wonderful resource as well
  • City Council– Consider scheduling a presentation before your elected officials. May wish to consider scheduling a proclamation to be developed that could coincide with a “Senior Safety Week”, “Child Safety Week”, “Public Safety Week” and so on.
  • Other Elected Officials– With your manager’s permission, contact your Senator, Congressman, Delegate and more. Don’t forget to send invitations to the same for big events that you may have where they may receive written information about your service.
  • Alzheimer’s, Autism and other Organizations – See about attending meetings, conducting presentations, & becoming involved with their fundraising events and vice versa, etc.
  • Agency Representative – Look within your own agency to see who may have a relative that has Alzheimer’s, autism or other wandering conditions. There is nothing like someone who can speak from the heart and make that connection with others.
  • Newsletters – Utilize newsletters to share articles and success stories
  • E-mails – create a distribution list for citizens or others who may enjoy receiving information or who may support your efforts
  • Web resources
  • Financial Support – There are a multitude of groups and foundations that have established support the community. Do a search in your area for foundations, businesses or citizens who may have established an opportunity for you to get support.
  • Social Media – Social media sites are also a great way to connect with local citizens, organizations, and businesses. Create a Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter account – and build relationships with local people who support you and can help promote your program in your community.

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