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Management Staff


Name Title Extension
Chetachi Dunkley President/CEO 301
Betty Thomas Director, Human Resources 303
Godwin Nwoga Director, Operations 304
Crystal Harris Director, Social Services 322
Joyce Carter Director, Residential Services 307
Kayode Malomo Director, Supported Employment 311


About The CEO

About The CEO

Chetachi Dunkley, Affectionately known as ChiChi was employed as a Supports Coordinator for four years. She located, coordinated and monitored services to individuals with mental retardation. She took her responsibility as a Supports Coordinator very seriously and became a staunch advocate with determination to make a difference in the lives of her clients and their families’ lives respectively. The repertoire of experiences acquired, and the wealth of knowledge about the mental retardation system resulted in a vision. Chichi became the Chief Executive Director of her own establishment “Casmir Cares”. Her pronounced virtue is compassion for others along with her service goal to provide capable, compassionate and highly personalized services. Chichi’s tenacity, inspiration and relentless efforts have caused her establishment to flourish. It is indeed a means of giving back to the community and an appreciation for the opportunity to offer her selfless service.

Our Vision

A strong health care agency with the capability of sustaining and extending quality health care services to all intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

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4950 Parkside Ave, Suite 400,
Philadelphia, Pa 19131
Phone: 267-292-3116
Fax: 267-292-4879

About Us

Our goal is to ensure peace of mind for families and loved ones who are faced with the challenges of placing relatives in nursing homes and other treatment facilities. We offer a wide array of non-medical services tailored to the unique needs of the individuals we care for.